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With Pay-Per-Click, Your Practice Will Stay in Front of Your Audience, Regardless of Algorithm Updates

As you have been marketing your professional practice online, you have probably heard how often Google and other search engines update their algorithms. We have come to know that this can be either extremely good or extremely bad for your practice’s organic (non-paid) listing to draw in website visitors. One day you’re on page one and the next you’re nowhere to be found; it can happen to any site, even with the best SEO.

Your practice needs to reach patients and clients who are looking online for the types of services you provide, regardless of fluctuations in daily rankings and search engine algorithms.

Firm Media can use pay-per-click (PPC) and other paid search advertising to promote your medical or dental practice. With PPC, you can be assured that you are still driving qualified leads to your website even if your organic search engine rankings need improvement.

Our Google Certified Specialists have the tools and knowledge to make sure we are bringing you qualified leads; those who are most likely to convert to a patient or client. We use compelling content, specialized landing pages, and daily monitoring to bring these visitors to your site and make regular adjustments to optimize the performance of your PPC campaign.

The Partnership of PPC & SEO

Firm Media recommends pay-per-click as a complement to Search Engine Optimization. An SEO campaign is designed to improve your website’s rankings over time. Paid advertising is immediate.PPC puts your business in top results right away. As SEO improves, Firm Media can gradually balance out your spend in paid advertising for a successful digital marketing campaign overall. Of course, we can also run a continuous PPC campaign!

Regardless of how you want to run your PPC campaign, we’ll meet with you to discuss:

  • What your goals are
  • Who your audience is
  • Your expectations and the reality of what can be accomplished with PPC

I’ve done PPC before with no results. What do you differently?

Our team does hear this a lot. Many times we see clients who were sold on the idea of PPC because of the immediate benefits, but see increased spending without the promised results. If this has been your experience, you may think that a PPC campaign won’t work for your professional practice. And you’re right: untouched, unmonitored, “set it and forget it” PPC won’t work. But the Firm Media approach for PPC will work for your practice!

While some firms setup PPC in the beginning and never touch it again, Firm Media takes a much more hands-on approach. With effective management, PPC may be the missing piece from your practice’s marketing campaign.

Firm Media’s Approach to Pay-Per-Click and Paid Search Advertising

Firm Media’s success in PPC for professional practices comes from efficient management. We help clients get the most from their investment by:

  • Using a budget-conscious strategy: We’ll research and work with you on a budget that doesn’t break the bank, and is effective in bringing in new business. We use that budget to only bid on search terms that generate highly qualified leads. We also optimize your campaign on an ongoing basis to get rid of ineffective, costly search terms that aren’t driving form submissions or phone calls.
  • Hyper-targeting your audience: We will only show your PPC ads to those who live in your service area and who are searching for the procedures/services you offer. No wasting money on clicks because your ad showed up on the other side of the country or because it showed up for an unrelated keyword.
  • Writing and designing your ads: One of the toughest challenges is to get users to click on your ad. We know what it takes to write and design ads that produce an above average click-through-rate (CTR).
  • Developing quality and effective landing pages: Too many times we have seen PPC ads that send website visitors to the homepage of a professional practice. This is absolutely terrible for conversions. When potential clients click your ad, they see compelling content that is tailored to their interests, explains your services, and encourages them to contact you. Since all of our websites are responsive, your landing pages will look great and be effective on any device that your audience is using.
  • Call Tracking – Not everyone who visits your PPC landing page will fill out the contact form. Some would rather call you directly. We utilize a call tracking system that can tell us exactly how many calls come from your PPC ads.

PPC & Retargeting: The Perfect Combination for Gaining New Business

So a user clicks on your ad, visits your landing page, but doesn’t convert. Was the spend on the click wasted? Absolutely not!

With Firm Media’s retargeting services, users who do not convert from your PPC ad are shown ads as they browse other websites. This is in an effort to remind them to contact you about a consultation.

Firm Media’s approach provides real value from PPC and connects paid advertising to the larger strategy for digital marketing for your professional practice.

They are very different from other website companies I have worked with in the past in that they look at all aspects of your campaign and provide a comprehensive, customized service.

William Bruno, MD

Only a small percentage of potential clients will contact you on their first visit to your website. To win their business, make sure that they come back.

With retargeting advertisements, Firm Media can help your professional practice stay in front of these potential clients. Retargeting shows advertisements for your practice on other websites that they visit. This helps bring them back to your website when they are ready to engage your services.

The Advantages of Retargeting Advertisements

Retargeting offers significant benefits when compared to traditional online advertisements:

  • You stay connected to potential clients wherever they are in their decision process.
    • Traditional online advertisements may only show your ad once to a potential client. With retargeting, the same person sees your ad several times, which helps your practice gain greater recognition.
    • You may spend less. Often, the people who see your advertisement will return to your website without every clicking the ad.

Firm Media’s Approach to Retargeting

Firm Media uses industry-leading retargeting solutions that reach across Google, Facebook, OpenX, Yahoo, and 60 of the top advertising exchanges and networks.

We design both general advertisements for your practice and ads that are specific to the services you offer. We also target the ads that potential clients see based on the pages of your website that they viewed. This indicates their interests in your services and how far into the decision cycle they are.

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